• Has your Car been in an accident?
  • Its value may have substantially decreased. Make a diminished value claim through our company today to help recover your loss.

Has your vehicle been involved in an accident that was not your fault?

If you answered yes, and even if your vehicle has been properly repaired, then the chances are that your vehicle has sustained diminished value.

Your solution? Simple, just request a diminished value report from Reed Appraisers and submit it to the insurance carrier involved.

Our client base consists primarily of the private sector, including private owners, private attorneys, rental fleet accounts, locally owned private dealerships, as well as self-insured local governments and municipalities, but as our reports and methodology have become more popular and respected in the industry for their fairness and accuracy, they have been increasingly requested directly by the nations largest insurance carriers as well. Several large insurance carriers even pay claims based solely off the calculations contained in our report. All you may have to do is submit our report.

Why choose our product? Here are just a few reasons

  • All reports are completed by an ASE Master Certified and I-CAR Platinum Pro-Level 3 Certified Collision Damage Appraiser and Technician.
  • Our senior appraiser and owner of the company, Michael Wigmore, is a member of the National Automobile Auction Association (NAAA), the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and a candidate member of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA).
  • Comprehensive, easy to understand reporting supported by official sales data from NADA, Kelley Blue Book and Black Book price guides and independently researched vehicle market surveys where applicable.
  • Calculations supported by our own patent pending V-CAR technology
  • Methodology based on a common sense approach, scaling recommendations based on extent of actual physical damage, vehicle condition and real, independent sales data specific to your vehicle.
  • Our experience: We have performed thousands of diminished value claims for private owners and currently serve as expert consultants to hundreds of private attorneys offices located in Maryland, DC and Virginia, multiple local automobile dealerships representing over 15 different manufacturers, several state and local governments, several local utility providers, and several locally managed national rental fleet accounts.
  • Our reports have been recognized by several of the nations largest insurance carriers
  • Provided expert witness testimony in over 65 trials in both District and Circuit Courts in Maryland and Virginia, as well as U.S Federal Court and at the Maryland Insurance Administration.  And in those court proceedings, approximately 50% of testimony provided has been for both the plaintiff and defendants, illustrating our true independence.
  • Finally, we are not advocates, we are appraisers.  Our only interest is to provide accurate and fair vehicle market valuations to both public and private industries.

To request a report, just give us a call @ 866-946-6116.

Let us know if you need a report accompanied by an inspection, or if you just need the report with calculations only.

Please note: To insure the quality of our product, reports requiring inspections are only available in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia, and are performed by our staff only. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not jeopardize the quality of our product by employing outside appraisers, who most often do not have sufficient experience in this field and are not ASE or I-CAR certified.